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BMW E32 750i '87

BMW E32 750i '87

Tested in CSP version 1.80preview108


Requires Latest Custom Shader Patch!
Nothing will work if you are not using csp!


AO Mapping (Inside/Outside)
LODs (Cockpit LR,B,C,D)
RainFX Ready
Refraction,Self lighting
Stalled/Warning Gauge Lights
Extended Physics,Sound
PBR Materials
Car Radio


EXTRA A - American Park / F
EXTRA B - Fog Light / F
EXTRA C - Interior Lights


Rims, Tyres - Polyphony Digital (GT7)
3D/Work - Kürşat Erdoğan (KE)
Physics - Ares Tunalı (ARESKAAN) / Arch & DDM (LUTs)
Adapted From E34 Interior - (FH5)
Encryption - x4fab


For bugs and problems, you can report via Discord DM. - ATAMER#0061


Download Link;

  • Specs;

    • 394 WHP
    • 480 Nm
    • 260+km/h
    • Comfort Tyres 90s / Sport
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